Exciting Plans & Updates for the Coming Months

Exciting Plans & Updates for the Coming Months

Hello! We are thrilled to share our plans and updates for the upcoming months. In this blog post, we will highlight two key areas of focus: the construction of our new datacentre in Lisbon, Portugal, and the deployment of servers equipped with Intel Core i5-12500 processors. These developments will enhance our infrastructure capabilities and provide our customers with improved performance and reliability.

Building a New Datacentre in Lisbon, Portugal

Bytebaked is expanding its reach with the construction of a datacentre in Lisbon, Portugal. Expected to be fully operational by September 2023, this facility will serve as a critical hub for our growing customer base. So, why have we chosen Lisbon? Here are a few compelling reasons:

a. Cheap Energy with Solar Power: Lisbon benefits from abundant solar power resources, allowing us to leverage clean energy and minimize our environmental footprint while maintaining competitive pricing for our services.

b. Great Climate and Temperatures: Lisbon's favorable climate and moderate temperatures provide ideal conditions for efficient datacentre operations. Our equipment will benefit from stable temperatures, reducing the need for excessive cooling and optimizing overall energy consumption.

c. Low Risk for Natural Disasters: Our area is known for its low susceptibility to natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods.

d. Great Latency to Countries in Europe and East USA: Lisbon's strategic geographical position offers excellent connectivity to both Europe and the eastern United States (Under 50ms for Europe and 100ms for the east USA ).

Deploying Servers with Intel Core i5-12500

As part of our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology, we are excited to deploy servers equipped with the Intel Core i5-12500 processors in our new Lisbon datacentre. Here's why we believe this CPU is an excellent choice for our infrastructure:

a. Outstanding Single-Core Performance: With its impressive single-core performance, the Intel Core i5-12500 competes favorably with processors such as the Ryzen 9 5950X.

b. Power Efficiency: The Intel Core i5-12500 is highly power-efficient, allowing us to optimize energy consumption without compromising performance.

New datacentre is equipped with robust storage and network solutions for extra reliability and performance

Two essential components of this enhanced infrastructure are the 40Gb internal network and the highly available all-flash NVMe storage array.

One of the key advantages centralized storage provides is all server nodes within the datacentre will share a storage array. Unlike traditional server + storage solutions, this approach ensures efficient utilization of storage resources. With centralized storage, we eliminate the need for individual storage devices in each server, reducing costs and minimizing storage wastage. This optimized storage allocation allows us to deliver higher storage capacities at a lower cost, maximizing value for our customers.

Stay tuned for more updates! Have a chat with us @ our Discord server