At ByteBaked, we’ve always been committed to more than just tech. Today, we are proud to announce a significant new initiative that puts our money where our mouth is: starting this month, ByteBaked will dedicate 1% of our gross income to planting trees to offset CO2 emissions.

Transparent and Accountable

We believe that actions speak louder than words and want our actions to be as transparent as possible.

Every tree we plant will be displayed on our Tree-Nation profile page. Here, you can see exactly where our trees are planted, the species of trees we’re contributing, and the amount of CO2 that will be offset by these trees. We invite everyone—employees, customers, partners, and the public—to track our progress and hold us accountable.

Why 1%?

Some may ask, why only 1%? Well, we see this 1% as a starting point, not an end. We are a growing company, and as our income increases, so too will our contributions to this critical cause. We have chosen a percentage that is sustainable and allows us to contribute consistently every month, creating a long-lasting and growing impact.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We are extending an invitation to other companies and individuals alike. If you’re a business owner, consider implementing a similar initiative. If you’re an individual, consider supporting organizations that work towards reforestation and environmental conservation.

To follow ByteBaked’s tree-planting journey, visit our profile at Tree-Nation. Let’s grow a better future, together.

Planting a Greener Future: ByteBaked Commits to Monthly Tree Planting